Little Valley Speedway Track Rules

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Race Procedure

Practice - Regular practice - All practice laps are at discretion of the Speedway. No practice whatsoever unless starter, tow truck, safety crew and equipment are in position.

Restart after Race Stopped - If an accident occurs prior to the completion of one lap, there will be a complete restart with all cars in their original position, except those involved go to the rear. Cars involved in accident shall start in the rear of those not involved. If enough laps have been completed, race may be called and drivers will be scored and paid for position they would have had in re-start.

Conduct - Going To Pit - Any car going to the pit area after the first green flag of each race will report to the rear of the pack.

Disobey Official - Any cars failing to obey a track official will be black-flagged.

Single File - Any cars failing to fall in single file after a yellow flag will be placed at the rear.

Passing On Restart - Any cars that pass prior to the green and cone on a restart, driver will be penalized two (2) positions per car passed. Second offense will result in disqualification.

Lap Flag - Any cars failing to obey the lap flag (blue & yellow) will be black-flagged. Cars being lapped move to the inside of the track.

Approaching Starter(s) and Scoring - Under no circumstances will drivers, owners, pit crews, wives, girlfriends, etc. approach the starter or scoring booth until the races are officially over and the scoring sheets are in the office. Mandatory one race suspension for car team violating this rule.

Scales - Drivers will be advised at drivers meeting how many cars are to report to the scale. Failure to report as directed will lead to disqualification. Scales are deemed official.

Delaying Race - Any car that participates in intentionally halting or delaying any race for any reason shall be disqualified from that race.

Procedure Under Caution - Position is determined according to the position cars are running at the time caution flag is displayed with cars causing caution starting scratch. Any car dropping out of position except to have legitimate conference with track officials shall lose position. Under caution until green, all cars must stay single file. When less than 50% of the event is completed, cars will run double file when directed by the officials. Any car failing to take the first starting green flag will not be allowed to compete.

Accident - Any car stopped due to a mishap when the yellow flag is displayed and not driven away immediately will be considered involved in the accident. Any car or cars causing the race to be re-started (such as spinning out) will be considered involved in the accident.

Repairs - No car may be attended to on the track. In infield, only driver may attend to his car. If repairs are necessary and the yellow or red flag is displayed, a car will be permitted to pull into the pit area. Upon re-entry during a yellow or red flag condition, the car will start at the rear of the field. No race car will be permitted to re-enter track and re-join race after green flag has been displayed. Only authorized personnel shall be in the infield at any time during the race program.

Manner of Driving - Only one person allowed in race car at any time while on race premises and no part of the driverís body is to extend outside of closed body of race car during the race or practice.

Competitor Performance - Continual ill handling or rough riding will result in disqualification. Any car that leaves the racecourse may return only in a safe manner.

Car Qualification - The registered driver who qualified the car in the heat or consolation must drive the car in the feature event unless the Speedway gives prior approval. All driver changes must be reported to the Pit Steward. All drivers that change cars must start at the rear. Failure to report change results in disqualification for that race. If a driver qualifies more than one car for the feature, he must drive the last car that he qualified in the feature.

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