Little Valley Speedway Track Rules

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General Regulations

Knowledge of Rules - Speedway race team members are responsible to familiarize themselves with, and are subject to, all the policies, rules and regulations set forth herein and those, which may become effective during the season. Information contained in any weekly competition comments becomes effective upon publication. The driver assumes full responsibility for the car and the pit crew, and shall be the sole spokesman thereof. Rule changes will be posted on the track internet site and available in printed form.

Assumption of Risks - Speedway race team members assume full responsibility for all injuries sustained, including property damage and death, any time while on the race premises or in route to or from. No race team member will have any claim for expenses or damages against the Speedway or its promoters or officials. No insurance on vehicles in pits or infield.

Insurance Benefit Plan – Each pit entrant must sign the release sheet for the event when he or she enters the pit area in order to be entitled to benefits as arranged. READ AND UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE SIGNING. Anyone involved in an accident while on the racing premises and who do not report to the Pit Steward before leaving the premises (providing they are able to report) will not be eligible for benefits prescribed under the benefit plan. All insurance benefits are in excess.

Competitor Accident Policy - All injury reports are to be filed on the date of the mishap with the pit steward and ambulance squad. Failure to report may result in rejection of the claim by the insurance company. All injuries are subject to examination by a track-appointed physician.

Program - Completion of qualifying events constitutes a program. Race director will have the option to increase the length and money of the following event’s features with qualification of preliminary events of rained-out programs starting first.

Participation - Competing cars may be inspected by the Speedway. Such inspection does not deem a car safe and free from defects. No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from publication of, or compliance with, these rules. Anyone participating in race activity is assumed to deem inspection of track conditions.

Pit Area – No private vehicles are allowed in the pit area, only race car and the tow vehicle. In an effort to make best use of the pit area, drivers will be directed where to park their race cars and tow vehicles and will be expected to comply with parking officials. No one under 14 years of age allowed in the pit area. Parental permission and releases must be completed for all persons ages 14-16. Drivers and owners are responsible for the action of the pit crews and family members and or any disturbances in the pit areas. If at any time a crew member, family member, or driver harasses or assaults any official, the car and driver will be suspended.

Conduct - All competitors will conduct themselves in a professional manner and show respect to fellow competitors, track officials and fans.

Alcohol and Drugs - Revocation of pit pass for any competitor using alcohol and/or drugs before entering race premises or while in attendance. Any driver, owner, or pit crew violating this rule will be disqualified and fined any purse money earned for that event.

Decisions - All decisions concerning score keeping, disqualification, suspensions, fines and interpretation of rules by Speedway are final.

Points – Points are official when posted on the track board or the track internet web site. Owner or driver has seven days from the posting to protest points. Points are awarded to car driver, not owner.

Technical Inspection – May be conducted at any time car is on the track premise. If illegal, that nights program points and money are lost.

Payoff Procedure - Checks will be mailed to the car owner on the following business day. If any protest is filed concerning car specifications, the decision of the officials is final. Protests must be filed in writing within ten minutes after race with $200 cash, which will be returned if car is illegal. If legal, $200 will be split between track and person being protested.

In The Event of a Disagreement - Any driver, owner, or pit crew taking physical action for any reason will be expelled from the grounds and subject to criminal charges. The car team will be fined $250 or will be suspended for the next race.

Upon Entering Pit Road - Hood and trunk lids must be raised or removed for inspection at each event. If you are not in your starting position in the Line-Up chute when the cars start onto the track, you will bring up the rear.

Only Speedway Officials – Will be allowed on the track or in the infield. Crew members may not attend to cars or drivers on the track or in the infield.

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