Little Valley Speedway Track Rules

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Flag and Starter Regulations

Official Starter - All practice and competition activity on the track is under the immediate control of the starter. All competitors shall adhere to his directions.

Green Flag - Signifies the start of an event. All cars must stay in line after receiving green until passing start line or cone. Green may be followed immediately by yellow for complete re-start in discretion of the starter. On caution lap re-start, race will resume at cone when green flag and/or light are displayed and your car reaches the cone.

Yellow Flag - Signifies track is not clear. Cars must reduce speed and remain in single line. No passing allowed, single file only. Violators are subject to penalty during and after event. Only first lap under caution will count.

Red Flag - Signifies automatic halting of race. All racing ceases and the race is scored according to the last lap under green.

Black Flag - Signifies penalty or disqualification. Subject car must immediately report to penalty area and remain until released or disqualified by official. Car may be disqualified for remainder of race.

Blue and Yellow Flag - Signified competitor being lapped. All lapped cars must move inside without changing order of lap cars until lapping car has passed. Violators are subject to penalty during or after event.

White Flag - Signifies one lap remains for caution lap or completion of race.

Checkered Flag - Signifies completion of event. Finishing positions are decided according to the distance traveled at completion of event regardless if car is running or not. Checkered flag must be displayed to end race regardless of any previous flags. Starter has discretion to call race when deemed necessary

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