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Max Blair and Bruce Miller Take Headliners at Little Valley Opener


LITTLE VALLEY, NY- In a rare appearance in a Super Late Model this season, Max Blair, from Centerville, PA, scored a dominating win in his first start at Little Valley Speedway, while Bruce Miller, from Wellsville, took a stunning win from the rear in the Duclon Memorial for the 360 Late Models in front a of a large crowd on a perfect night for racing on Sunday, May 24th. Bryce Davis, Brent Rhebergen, and Byron Dewitt also scored wins at Little Valley's first event of the season.

Blair, whose father, Robbie, is a many year veteran in Super Late Models, with numerous wins, started eighth in the 18 car field for the 25 lap feature, but was on the move early, claiming third by lap five, while former track champion Jason Dupont took the early lead from the outside pole, with Dutch Davies in second. Davies battled with Dupont until he claimed the lead on lap eight. Two cautions saw the top three still in that order before Blair muscled into second on lap 12.

A caution shortly thereafter put Blair on the rear bumper of Davies for the restart, from where he wrested the lead from Davies, going wide in turn four. From there, he drove out to a commanding lead over the latter half of the race to take the $3,000 winner's check. Davies settled for second, with Dupont, Mike Knight, and Greg Oakes, who soldiered up from thirteenth, rounding out the top five.

Blair commented, “I really enjoy racing here. I like this place. This place was a lot of fun to race on tonight. I really enjoyed myself. This was only my third time racing this car. The weather hasn't been on our side for it. I can't wait to come back.” On the race itself and catching Davies from far back, he added, “At the beginning I was real good on the bottom. I think I was going to run those guys down. After that yellow, I don't know what happened. I couldn't hit the bottom any more. I knew I wasn't going to win if I didn't change something, so we moved up and found something up there and got her done, I guess.”

The popular Miller, with many wins at the facility, had a little more of a challenge in the “Duke” Duclon Memorial, named for the man credited with developing a 360 Late Model design which became the standard for the division. A lap four caution when he got together with Jim Johnson relegated him to the rear of the field on lap four of the 20 lapper.

As Tom Kemp and Steve LaBarron staged a spirited battle for the lead, Miller made a charge toward the front, which saw him up to third following a lap 11 restart. He remained there until he was able to slip past LaBarron into second on lap 15, from where he began to immediately pressure Kemp for the lead. He was able to draw alongside of Kemp in turn one of lap seventeen and then eased into the top spot coming out of the treacherous turn two.

From there, he was able to draw away to a safe distance over the final two laps. Kemp finished second, followed by John Waters, who made a late pass of Labarron to claim third, with LaBarron and Adam Dupuy completing the top five. The win was worth a tidy $1558 for Miller, who said, “The car actually worked pretty well right from the start of the race, but I'm a little tentative when I'm in mid-pack, so I drive a little bit wary at the start. Once I got a rhythm going I was able to be a bit more aggressive. It's definitely an honor to win this race because I knew Mike. In fact, Mike probably built this car as he started at Close Racing supply around the time I started racing, so he might have given me a little nudge out there tonight to get to the lead.” He added, “My dad just put this engine together, and this is the first weekend we've run it. If you win at this track, you know your engine is good.”

In other action, Bryce Davis, from Hornell, took top honors in the 15 lap Crate Late Model Feature, capping a race long battle with Brad Mesler by taking the lead in turn two on the final lap after nipping at his heels for many laps. Mesler settled for a disappointing second. Davis offered, “The car was very good. The track was a little rough, and we had a hard time getting on the bottom, and Brad was really good tonight. I was waiting for him to screw up, but when he screwed up, I kept messing up. Luckily we had just enough time to do it.”

Longtime Little Valley competitor in the Super Late Models and, of late, the E-Mods, Brent Rhebergen, from Clymer, scored the win in the fifteen lap E-Mod Feature, taking the lead from Vic Vena on a lap two restart after starting fourth, moving out to a big lead and then weathering a challenge from Scooter Pangrazio after a lap 12 caution bunched the field. Pangrazio finished second, followed by Vena.

Rhebergen remarked, “This is really cool. I really like coming here. We were second every time last year. I thought Scooter was going to get me there, but it worked out. The car was good.”

Finally, Byron Dewitt, from Leroy, grandson of Gene Dewitt, who sponsored the legendary Richie Evans for many years, made his Little Valley debut a memorable one, as he stormed to an early lead and then held off a dogged Levi Watson before securing the victory over Rob Stromecki, who took over second on the final lap when Watson spun but recovered to finish third.

Dewitt, who won a memorial race in his grandfather's honor the night before at Raceway 5, was elated with the win, declaring, “I've never been so excited to win a race.”

NOTES: After seeing rain wash out three of the five scheduled shows last season, it was gratifying that there was no precipitation in the forecast, which brought out the large holiday weekend throng..........Seventy-six cars were in the pits, including a healthy eighteen Super Late Models, along with seventeen 360 Late Models, thirteen E-Mods, sixteen Crates, and thirteen Street Stocks.......Next up for Little Valley is the Super Spring Special on Friday, June 12th, featuring the same five classes. Racing starts at 7:00 PM.


Super Late Models: (25 laps) – 1. Max Blair, 2. Dutch Davies, 3. Jason Dupont, 4. Mike Knight, 5. Greg Oakes, 6. Chad Valone, 7. John Lobb, 8. Paul Briggs, 9. Kirk Bradley, 10. John Lacki, 11. Michael Oakes, 12. Terry Porter, 13. Nathan Hill, 14. Tim Stice, 15. Kyle Bedell, 16. Andrew Eastman, 17. Bump Hedman, and Brent Rhebergen. Heat winners were Knight, Valone, and Blair.

Crate Late Models: (15 laps) – 1. Bryce Davis, 2. Brad Mesler, 3. Jason Knowles, 4. Adam Sixt, 5. Dusty Waters, 6. Steve Watson, 7. Mike Wonderling, 8. Scott Waters, 9. Dan Grigsby, 10. Steve LeBarron, 11. Chad Schauers, 12. Garrett Mott, 13. TJ Downs, 14. Jim Johnson, and 15. Andy Michael. DNS: Chad Silleman. Heat winners were Mesler and Watson.

360 Late Models: Duclon Memorial (20 laps) – 1. Bruce Miller, 2. Tom Kemp, 3. John Waters, 4. Steve LeBarron, 5. Adam Dupuy, 6. Bill Holmes, 7. Butch Payne, 8. Greg Hallett, 9. Dave Dubois, 10. Kevin Bollinger, 11. Jim Johnson, 12. Jimmy Johnson, 13. John Zimmerman, 14. James Freeman, 15. DJ Krug, and 16. Jay McConnell. DNS: Jeremy Wonderling. Heat winners were Payne and Dubois.

E-Mods: (15 laps) – 1. Brent Rhebergen, 2. Scooter Pangrazio, 3. Vic Vena, 4. Ken Zimmer, 5. Kirk Bradley, 6. Al Brewer, 7. Jeff Johnson, 8. Joshua John, 9. Carl Ballinger, 10. Steve Samuelson, and 11. Dan Davies. DNS: Steve Dixon and Kyle Bedell. Heat winners were Zimmer and Pangrazio.

Street Stocks: (12 laps) – 1. Byron Dewitt, 2. Rob Stromecki, 3. Levi Watson, 4. Brad Ullman, 5. Butch Talbot, 6. Brett Marlatt, 7. Butch Zimmerman, 8. Steve Sklar, 9. Kurt Stebbins, 10. Dennis Cummings, 11. Randy Taylor, 12. Jason Schoonmaker, and 13. Ted Mascho. Heat winners were Stromecki and Watson.

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(Little Valley, NY) Fans, employees, sponsors, drivers and race teams that are involved with the Little Valley Speedway in Little Valley, NY will now be able to register at for the 2015 race season.

According to sources at the track, “This will make it much easier for everyone that is registered on race days when the weather becomes an issue. In the past it is virtually impossible for everyone to try and call the track hard line as the phone is virtually tied up all day with people trying to call in. When the fans, race teams, track employees and sponsors register at they will receive a message either on their computer or cell phone letting them know that the races have been cancelled due to weather related problems.” Registering is easy by simply going to the track web site at and click onto the blue logo on the home page. This will take you to the home page where under, “Search Term” you enter the words, “Little Valley Speedway, Little Valley, NY. Under the word, “Category” scroll down to “Motorsports/Auto Racing, click on and find the name Little Valley Speedway, Little Valley, NY click on and follow the directions on how to register. The entire process is free and takes less than 5 minutes.

“The whole idea of this is to make it more convenient for the people that are involved with Little Valley. If it is raining on race day and we have to pull the plug this is the quickest and most efficient way of getting the work out to everyone that has registered hopefully saving folks any unnecessary time and fuel.” That again according to the management of the Little Valley Speedway.

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Little Valley will be present at the upcoming Olean Center Car Show at the Olean Mall on March 13-15, 2015 where representatives of the track will be onboard to hand out schedule cards and answer questions regarding the upcoming season.

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