Little Valley Speedway Track Rules

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Street Stock

    1. Open to any American made passenger car. No unibody, no torsion bars, no convertibles, no station wagons, trucks or vans, no front wheel drive or 4 wheel drive, sports cars or compact cars.
    2. Tow hooks mandatory front and rear.
    3. 107 inch minimum wheel base. Maximum tread width, front and rear 80 inch maximum with 1/2inch tolerance for all cars measured from outside of side walls. No frame shortening.
    4. Bodies – Aftermarket body packages allowed from 5 Star Bodies or Performance Bodies. Must remain stock appearing. No straight panels. Rear spoiler 75” wide x 4” allowed with no more than three supports and securely attached to the rear deck. A 90 degree angle will be the maximum allowed. Rear sail panels must the same on both sides and one solid piece no longer than 45 inches. The panels must not connect to the rear spoiler.
    5. All glass, plastic, upholstery, lights, mirrors and chrome must be removed.
    6. Windshield opening must be covered with ½” square wire screen of heavy gauge with three steel support rods connected to the roll cage and the dash support.
    7. Side window and driver’s window net is mandatory. Doors must be securely shut and welded.
    8. Inner fenders may be removed. All hoods and trunks must be securely fastened and the back of the hood must be sealed off from the driver’s compartment.
    9. Front firewall must be constructed of 20 gauge steel or .063 aluminum minimum. No holes allowed in the driver’s compartment.
    10. Fenders may be cut for wheel clearance.
    11. Aluminum or solid fiberglass racing seat is mandatory, and must be securely fastened to the frame. High back seats are recommended. A five point harness system is required.
    12. No offset roll cages. Outside diameter must be 1-1/2” and minimum of 0.095” wall thickness. Minimum 3 driver’s door bars mandatory.

    1. Front bumpers must be STOCK and in stock location and be capped to fender, the width of the bumper for make and year of the car. Reinforcement of bumpers with maximum 1-1/2” round when using plastic bumper covers or nose pieces only. If steel bumper is stock for year and model of car maximum 1” tubing will be allowed. Only one bumper mount per side. No channel allowed in bumper area. No sharp edges. Rear bumpers may be steel – Max. 1-1/2” RD Max 0125 Wall and must be capped to fender the width of the bumper. Must have bumper cover or tail piece.
    2. Inner loops for reinforcement allowed inside hood and trunk compartment. Maximum 1-1/2” tubing for this reinforcement.
    3. The Nerf bars allowed but must remain tight to body and maximum 1-1/2” pipe or tubing they must re-enter the body 2” minimum. ONLY EXPOSED RUB RAIL IS BETWEEN TIRES AND ALL OTHER RAILS MUST BE COVERED BY BODY.
    4. No excessive rusted frames allowed.
    5. Only one 12 volt battery allowed. Must be in steel battery box and can be in stock location or in trunk area.

    ALL SUSPENSION PARTS MUST HAVE COME ON THE CAR THAT YOU ARE USING- GM may use bigger spindles (Impala) for safety reasons only.
    1. Parts must be stock and in stock position.
    2. Stock A- frames mandatory – May be reinforced.
    3. Springs must be in original location. Steel springs only. Leaf springs allowed. Jacking bolts, spring spacers are allowed. No coil over cars., no pull rods, torque link or 3 link.
    4. Nothing will be allowed that interferes with the free working of the suspension.
    5. Steering quickners allowed.
    6. After market power steering pumps allowed.
    7. Racing shocks and springs allowed. Heim joint shocks allowed. No Schrader valve.
    8. Stock configuration- Steel shafted aftermarket upper A-Arms, non-adjustable are permitted.

    1. Transmission must be OEM automatic with working stock torque converter 10” minimum, or OEM single disk clutch, flywheel, and pressure plate assembly 10” minimum on stock OEM standard transmission. No grinding or lightening. Steel only. All gears must work. A scatter shield or blanket is mandatory. Brinn and Bert transmissions allowed
    2. Shocks must be steel and non-adjustable. One shock per wheel and in stock location or moved outside mounts on the front (upper mounts can be raised for shocks). Rear shock mounts can be modified for higher mount on top only. Heim joint shocks allowed. No aluminum allowed to replace anything other than allowed in the rules. No Schrader Valve.
    3. Rear end must be locked.
    4. Steel driveshaft with 180 degree loop, 6 inches behind the front yoke made from ¼” x 1” steel is required. Also a 180 degree strap under the rear of the shaft is required. Drive shaft must be white or orange in color.

    1. OEM brakes on all four corners are mandatory at all times. Four wheel disc OEM brakes are allowed. Balance bar allowed with no external adjuster. No adjustable brake valves allowed.

    1. Maximum 8 inch steel wheel mandatory. Bead locks allowed on all four wheels. Minimum five (5) oversized lug nuts steel only.
    2. Tires will be Cambridge recap 225 or 235x15” or Towel City Retread 89 compound –two sizes 26.5 or 27.5 , American Racer DTW or Hoosier m100 -8 inch tire – medium or hard only also allowed. - If tire has DOT number, but has been capped or produced by a race tire company, they may not be permitted. Eight inch tire tread maximum, rolled on a flat surface while on the car with a 8 inch rim at 20 pounds of air pressure, ½” tolerance. Minimum durometer reading 50 after the race. NO GROOVING, SIPING, SOFTENING, OR TREATING OF TIRES. No snow tires or heavy luggers.
    3. Must run 1” steel lug nuts on right side. Lug nuts on all studs must be there.

    WEIGHT - Minimum weight 2900 lbs. Except GM 602 crate (2700 lbs)

    1. Stock OEM production iron small block #1 plug 12” from center bolt on steering box. Must be GM to GM, Ford to Ford, extended to match frame, not the body. Any removal of part numbers will make said part illegal. (DQ) MAXIMUM 361 CUBIC INCH CHEVY, 363 FORD, 365 CHRYSLER.
    2. CRATE 602 ENGINE RULES ( Rush, Fastrac, Nesmith approved seals). NO CRATE 604 ENGINES.

    a. All engines and parts must be as from factory along with all components therein.
    b. Any changes will result in disqualification and no points or money awarded.
    c. This includes, but not limited to, harmonic balancers, valve springs, push rods, rocker arms and after- market valve covers.
    d. NO upgrades are allowed to any engine that may produce power via “performance enhancing methods”.
    e. Any 650 CFM-two barrel Carb or other unaltered 4412. Must have 1-11/16 th base plate maximum. No exceptions. (Measured with go-no-go)
    f. Billet base plates may be used. (.780 maximum)
    g. 2 inch carb spacer maximum. (0 Tolerance)
    h. Spacer may not protrude into carb or intake at any point.
    i. One gasket per surface. (.070 maximum)
    j. No fuel injection, nitrous oxide or other type systems allowed.
    k. Two throttle springs strongly recommended.
    l. Aerosol carbs are not legal.
    m. Rush, Fastrac or Nesmith approved seals. Sealed 602 motor will have 200 lb. weight break (2700 lbs) ALL CRATE MOTOR CARS MUST HAVE ENGINE/WEIGHT IDENTIFICATION ON FRONT FENDERS.

    3. Rods – STEEL RODS ONLY.
    4. Cam-Hydraulic or solid, roller rocker tip rockers allowed. Can run stud girdle. No roller cams. Can run double roller timing chain.
    5. Carburetor – Stock Rochester 2 barrel carburetor or unaltered Holley 4412. Must be in stock location and position. Throttle bore size not to exceed 1-3/8” max. Max 1” carb spacer or adaptor, including gasket.
    6. FUEL & FUEL PUMP – Gasoline only, stock type fuel pump only. (NO ELECTRIC) Fuel cell is mandatory and must be secured in the trunk area of the car inside a 20 gauge metal box supported by two metal straps 1/8” X 2”. Fuel line must be inside conduit if run through the inside of car. NO fuel additives allowed.
    7. INTAKE- Cast iron 2 barrel – Marine intake allowed, must have Mercruiser logo or aluminum, part # Edelbrock 2101 & 2116 with adapter plate, spacer, gasket, 1” maximum combined.
    8. IGNITION – Stock appearing distributors and coils or MSD distributors with 6 series boxes. (MSD 6 series only. No other brands). If using the MSD 6 system, it must be installed using the MSD 6 pin weather tight connector (p/n 8170) with the MSD industry standard wiring pin out. No inline timing controllers, amplifiers, rev limiters or any other accessory. All wiring must be able to be inspected. No traction control devices.
    9. HEADS- No angle plug. Must be factory stock cast iron OEM, or Stock Replacement. Maximum valve size 2.02 inch 1.6 exh. Pinned or screw in studs are OK. Vortex 10239906 or 12558062.
    10. FUEL CELL – Must have a protective hoop at the rear that extends at least 1 inch below the fuel cell. A ball check valve is required.
    11. HEADERS – Street type headers allowed (inside frame rails) must have 3 bolt flange. No crossovers. EXHAUST 3” OD MAX. DIAMETER PIPE. MUST EXIT PAST THE DRIVER. No flex pipe allowed. Pipe must be solid with no holes. Only one pipe per side acceptable. May run cast iron manifolds. Unaltered mufflers are mandatory.
    12. Only one Radiator allowed in car. It must be in stock location between frame rails.

    1. Full window net is mandatory on drivers side and recommended on right side.
    2. Kill switch is mandatory and must be within reach of driver and safety crew.

    1. One-way radio is mandatory. (Frequency 454.000) No other radios or electronics for communications is allowed.

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